San Francisco. June 18 1849

Dear Bill,

I recd a letter from you dated the 19th April you requested me to write to you and
give you some acc of California. I have not been hardly long enough here to gather
much information in regard to the Gold diggers but one thing I know is that it is
a very unprofitable business to those that have not been accustomed to hard labor
all their lives.  No person can no matter what constitution they have cannot work
Over six weeks in the mines and then they are very lucky if they get over $500 dolls
clear. The idea you N Yorkers have that the gold can be picked up without any
trouble is ridiculous and many here have found it out. In fact this California
gold business is all a humbug (you can bet) high on it). I had a very pleasant
trip up from Panama. Win Parkins friend Machivain is the Purser of the Panama
he is very unpopular and was Flogged once or twice coming up in the steamer by some
of the Passengers. Maybe you remember some time ago one night when we were up in
Union Park. Win introduced us to young man by the above name, this purser is the
same one. I did not know him till he mentioned the fact of his meeting me before
it came all right to me. I made him give me a good wish on the score of old
acquaintance. H. Whoitmore is here and I [] he will never get out of this alive, he has
severe attacks of the Inflamations of the Bowles, he hardly recovers from one
attack then he’s taken down with another he means to return if he ever gets well
enough. Dr. Huddard Son the one that came out with Col. Stevens got drunk & shot an
Indian for which he was sentenced to wear the chain & ball for two years. I hear
that he has escaped. The Indian he shot was not killed.

There has been very few arrivals of vessels for N York. Gsey bound [Greyhound] of Phil-
adelphia is here 117 day Passage. The schooner Sea Witch of N.Y. arrived here on
the 15th 135 days from N.Y.

We have not heard anything of the Oean Bird or any other vessell that has goods
aboard for us. Tell The & Ed that Mr. Lomas & his party arrived here about a week ago
they lost one of their party by the name of Brown he died of consumption.

I sent you by Mr. Cook a Panama Hat. You may not like to wear it if so I think
it will just suit Gil. I have written to Ma and I have enclosed in the letter a
piece of Gold. I shall sent it by Mr. Cook.

You must tell Todd & Mac that I cannot possible wrote to them by this mail
but will try and write by the Oregon. I shall expect a letter from them every mail.
I send 3 or 4 Papers I have not recd any from them yet write often Lewis
sends his best respects to you and I send mine to Lewis
Your Aff Brother

Henry R DeWitt


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